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We were invited to guide a startup company through the entire product development process, from idea to launch. It meant designing their product identity, engineering leadership, program management, and manufacturing to assure their first product safely resolved acne skin conditions for teenagers or premenopausal women, while positioning the company for success.

Taking an insightful approach, we consulted dermatologists, biomedical engineers, optical engineers and those seeking treatment, to build an effective LED phototherapy product for ANSR. The BEAM emits two specific wavelengths of light to control bacteria and reduce inflammation within the epidermis. The slender form is easy to hold, transport, and navigate effortlessly around facial features during the regimen.

A white iconic shape, lightweight and compact, intuitively simple-to-operate, became the means to effectively rejuvenate the appearance of skin. The product obtained national and international patents, delivered significant profit margins, and received very favorable performance reviews from target consumers via social media.

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