Repositioning a
Brand and Experience

The mission: To help our client reinvent itself, and in the process, dislodge a dominant brand. Aviation headsets are concerned with three issues: noise, comfort, and aesthetics. The Zulu headset elegantly addresses all three. Designed with industry leading ANR (active noise reduction), magnesium ear-cups, stainless steel and aluminum linkages, it’s a fashionable step forward for pilots seeking all day comfort, crystal clear audio communication, and status associated with a best-of-breed product. The core point – the quality and attributes of a headset must enhance the pilot’s precision and focus which leads to a safer flight.

The Zulu quickly won aviation industry recognition, awarded the best headset of the year. We designed and engineered aspects of this exceptional aviation headset. It is a light product, comfortable, visually elegant and delivers formidable ANR features – at a consumer cost just under a $1,000. It obtained national and international patents and opened the eyes (and ears) of customers, as well as competitors. It revitalized the client’s brand, displaced an entrenched competitor (Bose), and drove growth.

SoMA, Inc. Stevan Wittenbrock is the founder of SoMA. With more than 30 years of design experience, and a rich history of product innovation, Steve leads a team of highly talented individuals with a shared interest in creating products that are visually elegant, functionally effective and simple to operate. Your SoMA team will be composed of professionals with specialized skill sets to meet your individual objectives.
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