Program Management


Each program SoMA manages is unique. We provide the structure and process to make even the most complex product development programs run smoothly and successfully. It starts by managing the team’s composition and commitment to accountability – ensuring timely input and integration of all resources. At each milestone we validate and verify a program’s alignment with the company’s objectives and clearly communicate the next steps. Our process tracks both consulting and administrative costs, while continuously assessing the team’s results. We systematically apply what is learned and how new knowledge can improve the program’s efficiency and performance. Our management practices operate in alignment with a company’s vision, goals, and business objectives to deliver meaningful, measurable results.

SoMA, Inc. Stevan Wittenbrock is the founder of SoMA. With more than 30 years of design experience, and a rich history of product innovation, Steve leads a team of highly talented individuals with a shared interest in creating products that are visually elegant, functionally effective and simple to operate. Your SoMA team will be composed of professionals with specialized skill sets to meet your individual objectives.
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