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Our Fortune 100 client invited SoMA to develop (on an aggressive timeline) a proof-of-concept for an ultra-thin keyboard 3mm thick. The assignment quickly grew in scope when we successfully met that challenge. We were then asked to further investigate the merits of alternative technologies, keyboard ergonomics, product aesthetics, materials, manufacturing options, and the keyboard’s relationship to a tablet. The last request: design, engineer, prototype, assemble, and deliver twenty fully-functional Bluetooth keyboards that support wireless recharging.

Our approach analyzed the web of relationships and connections each component has to the system as a whole. Any element, electrical or mechanical, could compromise the height constraint. We explored fresh perspectives, critical design excursions that honored our client’s stated objective, timeline and costs. Numerous prototypes were built and evaluated, to obtain negative, as well as positive, user feedback.

Our multi-disciplinary team discovered accuracy and precision are different things. Accuracy is the absence of error; precision is the level of detail. Effective problem solving requires being accurate, but only as precise as is helpful at any given point in the problem-solving process.

We developed a compelling solution with one-of-a-kind features, custom-tailored for active individuals on the go. At one moment the tablet and keyboard are a compact 13mm thick unit. The next, the tablet is inserted into a slot in the keyboard supporting the display at an appropriate viewing angle. Last, if desired, it disconnects and the tablet behaves as a standalone device.

Twenty fully-functional smart keyboards were delivered to the client. With neural networks, keyboards can learn and improve your typing performance. Patents were obtained.

3mm Thick
Space Bar
Wireless Recharging
Magnetic Tablet Slot
13mm Thick – Tablet & Keyboard
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