Engendering Success

Our Fortune 100 client invited SoMA to research and develop PC reference designs to showcase their new microprocessor and motherboard configurations. The objective: Design product platforms that deliver first-to-market features, usage models, color trends, and fashionable aesthetics for diverse market segments.

In a complex, uncertain and intertwined global marketplace, consumers spend freely on digital products and services. Therein lies an opportunity – for forward thinking and integrated solutions. Central to our approach are four themes: play, listen, find, and enjoy. It is the careful integration of a product’s function and form that leads to an emotional connection. Discrete solutions which deliver a media-rich PC, tailored to helping consumers along diverse paths anytime, anywhere.

Each design makes a beautiful connection to a personal life and the emotion within it. Each of the PC concepts were quickly adopted by International ODMs and commercialized. Each configuration delivered consumer-centric attributes that were adaptive, flexible, personal, and powerful

SoMA, Inc. Stevan Wittenbrock is the founder of SoMA. With more than 30 years of design experience, and a rich history of product innovation, Steve leads a team of highly talented individuals with a shared interest in creating products that are visually elegant, functionally effective and simple to operate. Your SoMA team will be composed of professionals with specialized skill sets to meet your individual objectives. http://somainc.com/wp-content/themes/soma/images/SoMA_Logo_Desktop@2x.png
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